pub trait ArrivalTimeQuery<N: NetlistBase> {
    type Time: Copy + Num;
    fn actual_arrival_time(&self, node: &TerminalId<N>) -> Self::Time;
fn required_arrival_time(&self, node: &TerminalId<N>) -> Self::Time; fn slack(&self, node: &TerminalId<N>) -> Self::Time { ... } }
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Query arrival times. This trait is typically implemented by the result of a static timing analysis step. The type of analysis (early/late) is implicit and not defined by this trait.

Associated Types

Type for representing arrival times. Typically a floating point type.

Required methods

Compute the actual arrival time of a signal at the node.

Compute the required arrival time of a signal at the node.

Provided methods

Compute the ‘slack’ at a terminal. The slack is the difference required_arrival_time - actual_arrival_time. A negative slack means that the signal arrives later than it should.