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ASIC place-and-route framework.

This crate contains interface definitions for place-and-route related algorithms.

The core idea of the framework is to enable independent development of place & route engines which then can easily be plugged together.


Incomplete overview:

  • place - interfaces for placement engines and representations of placement problems
  • rebuffer - interface for buffer insertion engines
  • route - interfaces for routing engines
  • timing_analysis - interfaces for static timing-analysis (STA) engines
  • util - useful functions which don’t yet have their own category


Implementations of place and route algorithms are not included in this crate. Some can be found in the following list:

Placement and legalizaton



pub use libreda_db;


The prelude helps to import most commonly used modules.

A Design structure collects information necessary for the place and route steps. This includes the netlist and layout, properties of cell instances, etc. Between Design structures and place & route engines lies an abstraction layer made by traits such as PlacementProblem.

Abstraction of algorithm engines such as placer or router engines.

Interface definitions for legalization engines (also known as detail placement).

Metrics and statistics for evaluating placement & routing quality.

Interface definitions for placement related algorithms.

Trait definitions for re-buffering of high-fanout nets. This includes clock-tree and buffer-tree generators.

Interface definitions for routing related algorithms.

Interfaces for timing analysis engines.

Collection of utility functions.