pub trait L2NBase: LayoutBase + NetlistBase {
    fn shapes_of_net(
        net_id: &Self::NetId
    ) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = Self::ShapeId> + '_>; fn shapes_of_pin(
        pin_id: &Self::PinId
    ) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = Self::ShapeId> + '_>; fn get_net_of_shape(&self, shape_id: &Self::ShapeId) -> Option<Self::NetId>; fn get_pin_of_shape(&self, shape_id: &Self::ShapeId) -> Option<Self::PinId>; }
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Fused layout and netlist view. This trait makes the link between netlist elements and layout elements.

Required Methods

Iterate over all shapes that are marked to belong to the specified net.

Iterate over all shapes that are part of the pin.

Get the net of a shape.

Get the pin that belongs to the shape (if any).