pub fn find_pin_geometries_from_text_labels<L: LayoutBase<Coord = Coord>>(
    layout: &L,
    cell: &L::CellId,
    pin_shape_layer: &L::LayerId,
    label_layer: &L::LayerId
) -> HashMap<String, Vec<Geometry<L::Coord>>>
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Find pin shapes based on a layer containing all polygon shapes and a layer containing text labels. The text labels mark the shapes that belong to a pin. For each text label all this shapes are grouped together.

The naive algorithm used is very inefficient but good enough for standard-cells. Especially if it is used in a pre-computation step which is not time-critical.


  • layout: The layout data structure.
  • cell: The cell of which pins should be found.
  • pin_shape_layer_id: The layer which contains the pin shapes.
  • label_layer_id: The layer which contains the text labels of the pins.