Trait libreda_pnr::db::reference_access::NetlistReferenceAccess[][src]

pub trait NetlistReferenceAccess: NetlistBase {
    fn pin_ref(&self, pin: &Self::PinId) -> PinRef<'_, Self> { ... }
fn pin_instance_ref(&self, id: &Self::PinInstId) -> PinInstRef<'_, Self> { ... }
fn net_ref(&self, net: &Self::NetId) -> NetRef<'_, Self> { ... }
fn terminal_ref(&self, t: &TerminalId<Self>) -> TerminalRef<'_, Self> { ... } }
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Trait that provides object-like read access to a hierarchical netlist structure and its elements.

Provided methods

Get a reference to a pin from a pin ID.

Get a reference to a pin instance.

Get a reference to a net.

Get a reference to a terminal.