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Chip data structure holding netlist and layout together. Chip implements the L2NEdit trait and hence qualifies for representing netlists fused with a layout. Chip can also be used solely as a netlist structure or as a layout structure.


Allow creating IDs from integers.


Circuit identifier.

Circuit instance identifier.

A netlist is the container of circuits.

A circuit is defined by an interface (pins) and a content which consists of interconnected circuit instances.

Instance of a circuit.

A net represents an electric potential or a wire.

Net identifier.

Single bit wire pin.

Pin identifier.

Instance of a pin.

Pin instance identifier.

Wrapper around a Geometry struct.

Shapes<T> is a collection of Shape<T> structs. Each of the elements is assigned an index when inserted into the collection.


Either a pin or pin instance identifier.

Type Definitions

Integer area type.

Integer coordinate type.

IntHashMap 🔒
IntHashSet 🔒

ID for layers.

NameT 🔒

Default signed integer type.

Unique (across layout) identifier of a shape.

Default unsigned integer type.